Looking for pricing on PracticePanther? As it turns out, most attorneys can very easily afford to pay for PracticePanther. The fact of the matter is that by saving time with the software you can probably expect to make more money doing your work as a lawyer in court.

While most amateur attorneys attempt to save money by doing everything on their own, they actually wind up costing themselves more money in terms of time. Here’s how the math works on that.

As an attorney, lets say that you average about $300/hour in terms of what you pay yourself. In an 4 hour day you’ve made $1,200 (assuming that you’ve got a full day of work). You’ve made great money that day.

Now you’ve got a ton of paperwork that you’ve got to do and you can’t figure out your schedule and you’re not totally organized. All you want to do is be in court and have everything else done for you. Well you may end up spending several hours organizing your schedule so that you can have another 4 hour day. In other words, if PracticePanther ends up saving you 12 hours in a week, that’s thousands of dollars that you can be making. That’s what you have to consider when you look at buying PracticePanther and judging their pricing.

If you’d like information on PracticePanther pricing, be sure to take a look at their website. This website is just a review site and has doesn’t make any money with PracticePanther.